Seizure & Impounding of Dogs

Under the Dog Control Act 2000, Council has the power to seize dogs that are in breach of the Act, most commonly dogs that have attacked people or animals or are roaming (at large).

  • if the owner of the dog can be identified, Council will endeavour to contact the owner to advise their dog has been impounded and why
  • once notified, the owner has five business days to reclaim their dog
  • if the owner of the dog can't be indentified, Council is only required to hold the dog for three business days
  • after this 3 or 5 day period, Council will remove the dog from its pound and transport it to the North West Coast.

Fees relating to seizure and impounding

Prior to releasing the dog, owners must pay in full, or enter an agree payment arrangement, for:

  • dog registration fees (if applicable)
  • daily fee for each impounded dog
  • dog release fee
  • any other fee or infringement notice relating to the dog

Interference with impounded dogs

It is an offence to

  • remove or interfere with a seized dog, or
  • destroy or damage any structure, enclosure or pound where the dog is detained
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