Animal Control

The Animal Control Program undertakes a regulatory role in relation to the control of dogs within the municipality. Council's Municipal Inspector carries out all Animal Control functions, in accordance with the requirements of the Dog Control Act 2000 and Council policy. Successful control of dogs relies upon education and promotion of responsible dog ownership, in addition to the collection and impounding of stray dogs and administering the registration of dogs within the municipality.

Council is proactive in ensuring that all dogs within the municipality are registered by 31 July each year.  Infringements are issued to owners of dogs found to be unregistered after this date. It is vital that all infringements are paid to prevent further action as Council will refer your details for debt collection - you have only 28 days to comply with the conditions stated on the infringement notice.

Please note that complaints regarding dogs will only be investigated if the Complaint Lodgement Fee has been paid.  If your complaint is proven following an investigation, we will refund the fee.

Cats are an important part of our community. But if we don't manage them well, cats can also be a threat to our native wildlife. TassieCat is a state-wide initiative of the Tasmanian Cat Management Project to encourage responsible cat ownership in the Tasmanian community. For information on cat management please visit


Dog Registration - All dogs aged over six months must be registered! Please find the form here. 

Barking Dogs

De-sexing of Dogs

Microchipping of Dogs

Seizure & Impounding of Dogs

Restricted Breed Dogs

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